UV Cure Technology

Look What UV Curing Can Do For You:

UV curing offers manufacturers many benefits. Below you’ll find additional information on some of the most significant ones.

  • Faster production speeds and capacity
  • Reduction of Work-in-process
  • Dramatically reduced set-up/clean-up labor
  • Environmentally Friendly – Energy savings, no emissions controls
  • Less floor space needed
  • Increase yield and reduce scrap

BRIGHTSTONE also comprises a full basket for stone industry. The usage of these adhesives are for remedy the appeared surface defects on the slabs after polishing step, whereas the slabs having defects on their surfaces  aren’t reasonable to reload on the epoxy applying line due to needing a long time, the best option is the treatment by UV GEL. The advantages of this system is faster production, easy application and as mentioned on top.


Whenever the speed is concerned, this technology comes with its remarkable characteristic. In this technology, after passing the treated slabs with this GEL-LIKE product through UV line, this filled areas are hardened a fractional minute and the main usages of this system are to fill the remained and appeared holes in surface of slabs as well as filling the big and deep holes on slabs’ surface which needs to be cured very fast.