Low vis

LOW VIS Products:

64024B+24024B 64024E+24024E
67783+97783 64024+24024



64024 B  + 24024 B

This product is solvent free epoxy system designed with medium viscosity which is advised for Light color stones. One of its characteristics is the short time of curing and hardening which provides the higher production efficiency.

The other technical specifications are the considerable weathering  resistance and after polishing process the slab surface is completely shiny and absolutely glossy and the final color , like water, is colorless.

The time of hardening is the function of both temperature and humidity.

After hardening process, the hardened product is really polishable. This two component system is compatible with two hardening systems, both open air and automatic line and also is workable both back and front of slabs

64024 E+ 24024 E

This system with low viscosity is the best option for stones which have micro and capillary cracks .Its low viscosity helps it to penetrate to the slabs and thereafter hardening, the slabs reinforced significantly is completely glossy and due to low viscosity is applicator-friendly.

24024E is suitable for various application such as automatic, manual application in oven and/or in open air condition. In polishing process, this product shows the great polishability.

This system is adequate for back with or without reinforcing fiber glass net and front of slabs.

67783  + 97783

There is the Product formulated to be like GEL and basis on solvent free epoxy technology and the thixotropic characteristic comes the art of technology utilized to be designed accordingly there is one complete option to fill big holes and porosities on the surface of stone slabs without coming out the materials from other side.

The other advantages of this product which can be mentioned are tremendous polishability and mechanical strength.

These features provide the possibility to solve the specific usage.

64024  + 24024

This system is designed to have a hardening long time consequently this aspect provides to penetrate completely into capillary cracks and causes one integrated network throughout the tissue of stones. One of the brilliant characteristic of this product possesses the transparency and it strongly recommends to be applied for marbles and also the other considerable specifications are High UV resistance and after polishing process, the final surface is lustrous and smooth and with well-strength.