Epoxy Technology

Epoxy technologies are served for bonding and filling micro cracks, porosities on surface of marbles, granites and other natural stones. These materials deeply penetrate into micro cracks, porosities and after hardening form one integrated surface and it causes in polishing process the increasing of polishing efficiency and having a shining surface like mirror for long term service time.


FIVE MAJOR preferences of epoxy systems:

  • Better adhesive properties (the ability to bond to the reinforcement or core)
  • Superior mechanical properties (particularly strength and stiffness)
  • Improved resistance to fatigue and micro cracking
  • Reduced degradation from water ingress (diminution of properties due to water penetration)
  • Increased resistance to osmosis (surface degradation due to water permeability)

in order to  be clarified the advantages  of epoxy systems as against old systems such as polyester , you can find it in our Technical Information.